Truck, bus and car wash

Just opened truck wash in Třanovice provides highly modern technology and full comfort for your car or truck - either truck, bus or car.

Wash line in action

Technology description

The wash line is equipped with high-pressure barring roof arm, which perfectly follows car shape, side high-pressure jets and high-pressure chassis washing.

Frame for pre-wash dabs the active foam, which has time to affect the dirt, ingrained in tarpaulin. Process of washing itself consists of moving the washing frame forward with shampoo and back with car wax.

Truck washing line C 2100 is self-moving, with fully automaticaly operated programme.

Secure washing with computer control

Periodicaly conducted engines guarantee continuous start, thus lower washline wear. Adjustable speed enables programme operated shorter washing time.

Electronicaly controlled roof brush manages to recognize irregular shapes. Security function disables wash line to damage roof spoiler. For extreme car body programme enables manual operating.